Hello internet friends. This is blog chronicling my thoughts in time as my ideas and opinions change and evolve. We are all rooted in common emotions and unified in experiences through our interpersonal relationships.

There are main ideas of what is natural or unnatural, are our relationships and interactions natural?  What is a healthy relationship? What is a healthy sexual experience?  I aim to not be enslaved by myths and social regulations, but to think about my role and the roles of my friends and lovers. To share so  that both men and women learn and feel safe within their sexuality and   in the way they interact throughout the world. But what the fuck do I know since Feminem was originally created to insult famed rapper Eminem. Whatever.


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  1. Very interesting and well thought out post. I’ve enjoyed reading them and have looked within myself at certain comments you have made. Keep blogging angry, intelligent, inspiring white girl.

  2. Your blog is quite a mouthful! I will be coming back as its a bit different than the other “musings and thoughts” blog. I loved your tag-line: “I am not really angry, or white”! (y) 😀

  3. I love your outlook on life , I gave you a follow hope to see more from you

  4. Howdy and hello!

    I first saw your post on horror films, and I couldn’t find that follow button fast enough. As someone who also just posted an article about The Human Centipede, I knew your blog and writings were right up my alley! Really enjoying it here!

    Keep up the great work!

  5. submissivecharacter November 25, 2013 — 6:14 am

    I love your outlook on life , I gave you a follow hope to see more from you

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